Few Caribbean islands are as inviting as Bonaire, a sand-fringed escape in the former Dutch Antilles. Just 30 miles from the island of Curaçao and 50 miles from Venezuela, it’s a tranquil place where flamingos as pink as cotton candy strut through the peaceful salt ponds, and loggerhead turtles swim through the turquoise seas.

Kralendijk is considered Bonaire’s capital, but it’s by no means a metropolis. The historic town has around 3,000 residents and is just across the water from Klein Bonaire, a sandy, uninhabited speck of an island whose colorful coral reefs attract divers and snorkelers from around the world. Other visitors make the most of the warm water on independent kite surfing and sailing trips. On the main island it’s possible to visit Museo Boneriano (an old plantation house with an impressive collection of ancient artifacts) and the Washington Slagbaai National Park, home to an array of wild birdlife, including brightly colored parrots and flamingos.

An island with a constant summer state of mind means warm days with that easy breeze around you. Bon Bini na Boneiru, welcome to Bonaire.



Gleaming, fully equipped kitchens are found within each of the villas at Piet Boon Bonaire, giving guests the flexibility to prepare meals with local produce whenever it suits them. Supersized fridges, teppanyaki plates and high-end BBQs make it easy to rustle up tasty dishes using top-quality island ingredients, including local goat’s cheese and freshly caught fish. Guests who’d rather not cook can call upon Piet Boon Bonaire’s private chefs, who are experts at fusing local and international flavors. The restaurants of Kralendijk – with food from the island and beyond – are also within easy reach.   For an island with limited resources, Bonaire has earned a reputation for having some of the best restaurants in the Caribbean. Island chefs continue to place high in annual regional and international competitions. Our favorites? Our villa manager loves to share them with you.


You can enjoy a variety of different activities in and on the clear blue waters around Bonaire. Some of the major watersports activities are: Diving, Snorkeling, Kite surfing, Boating (fishing, sailing) and Windsurfing. Most activities on the water are operated by independent tour operators. Visitors can sign up at a dive shop or a snorkel charter or strike out on their own.