Meet the master craftsman

Founder and owner of Studio Piet Boon: an internationally renowned design studio with their headquarters in The Netherlands, Amsterdam.

“A lot of architects just make a simple sketch. Because I was a craftsman, I’m always looking at the details. I’m always thinking about where to start and where to finish.”

Bonny Bonaire

His love for the island dates back for over 2 decades. Over the years he left his mark with the design of more than a dozen beach villa’s, spread over Bonaire. His passion for kite surfing brings him back every year. He is the role model of an extremely passionate entrepreneur who finds his balance and relaxation every time he returns to this laid-back Caribbean paradise.

Bespoke contemporary architecture

Not long into his career as a contractor, Piet Boon realized that he had taken on the wrong profession. “I was always getting into trouble with the architects because I tried to do the architecture myself,” he recalls. As it turns out, architects would not be the only ones whose toes Boon would step on. But rather than continue to battle with the architects, designers, and other creative types working on his projects, he decided to simply take on all the roles himself. The eponymous firm Piet Boon, founded in Amsterdam in 1983, has grown to do it all, including architecture, products, and interior design—often all three within the same project and nearly always in a quintessentially Dutch style. This holistic approach is a byproduct of his early contracting days.

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